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Fifth General Meeting, Dakar, Senegal 5-6 February 2013

The Fifth General Meeting of the Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD) is to be convened in Dakar, Senegal on 5-6 February 2013.

  • Meeting Documents
Agenda Name Hard Copy File Doc No. Presentation Remarks
Program Agenda P1 PDF (English / French)  
Opening Ceremony
Remarks: H.E. Japanese Ambassador to Senegal O1    
Opening: Hon. Minister for Agriculture, Senegal
AGENDA 1: Minutes of the previous meeting GM4 Co-Chairs' Summary 1-1 PDF (English / French)  
AGENDA 2: Implementation of NRDS
Overall progress, analysis and recommendation 2-1 PDF (English / French)  
Burkina Faso
2-2 PDF (English / French)  
2-3 PDF (English / French)  
Liberia 2-4 PDF (English / French)  
Nigeria 2-5 PDF (English / French)  
Zambia 2-6 PDF (English / French)  
AGENDA 3: Promotion of mechanization Overall progress, analysis and recommendation


PDF (English)  


PDF (English / French)  
Madagascar 3-3 PDF (English / French)  
Rwanda 3-4 PDF (English / French)  
Senegal 3-5 PDF (English / French)  
Uganda 3-6 PDF (English / French)  
AGENDA 4: South-south cooperation Achievements of the Secretariat (database / VC seminar) 4-1 PDF (English / French)  
IFAD small grant for AfricaRice / IRRI / FARA 4-2 PDF (English / French)  
AGENDA 5: Summary of Steering Committee (SC) members' activities Summary
5-1 PDF (English)  
AGENDA 6: Roles of the Government in promoting private sectors Grow Africa Initiative 6-1 PDF (English)  
FAGE Ghana 6-2 PDF (English)  
SAGCOT Tanzania 6-3 PDF (English / French)  
Roles of the CARD Initiative 6-4 PDF (English / French)  
AGENDA 7: Overview of the progress in the rice sector in Sub-Sahara Africa Africa Rice 7-1 PDF (English / French)  
AGENDA 8: Summary of the First Half, TICAD V and Outlook of the 2nd Half Summary of the CARD Initiative 2008 – 2013 and Outlook 2013 – 2018 8-1 PDF (English / French)  
TICAD V Side Event – outline and expected outcomes 8-3 PDF (English / French)  
AGENDA 9: Co-chairs’ summary Co-chairs’ summary (On screen) 9-1    


Pre-Conference Seminar

Agenda Name Hard Copy File Doc No. Presentation Remarks
Program Agenda SP1 PDF (English / French)  
SESSION 1: Rice Value Chain


Rice Value Chain Analysis of BMGF S1-1 PDF (English / French)  
Projects on value chain      
JICA PAPRIZ (Senegal) S1-2 PDF (English / French)  
USAID – Feed the Future (Senegal) S1-3 PDF (English)  
SESSION 2: Enabling environment for private sectors GADCO (Ghana)


PDF (English)  
Agrica (Kilombero Plantations Ltd (Tanzania)


PDF (English / French)  
Rice Miller and Dealer Association of Nigeria S2-3 PDF (English / French)  
Roles of the Government in Promoting the Private Sector Investment - Sharing Malaysia’s Experience S2-4 PDF (English /French)  
SESSION 3: Transformation of industrial clusters
Davao Banana Industry Cluster (Philippines)
S3-1 PDF (English / French)  
SESSION 4: Mechanization / Comparative analysis of countries Introduction S4-1 PDF (English)  
Comparative analysis of countries S4-2 PDF (English / French)  
SESSION 5: Rice-Related Research GRIPS S5-1 PDF (English / French)  
GRiSP - Africa Rice S5-2 PDF (English / French)