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Seventh Steering Committee Meeting, Yaounde, Cameroon, 8-9 November 2012

The Seventh Steering Committee Meeting of the Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD) was convened in Yaoundé, Cameroon on 8-9 November 2012.

  • Program (English: PDF)
  • Minutes (English: PDF)


  • Meeting Documents
Agenda Items     Presentation Doc No.
Opening Ceremony Remarks     C-1
Approval of Agenda
Overall program   PDF C-2
Agenda 1: Minutes of the Previous Meeting     PDF 1-1
Agenda 2: Progress since GM4
    PDF 2-1
Agenda 3: Updates of Steering Committee members
South-south Platform by FARA   PDF 3-1
  JIRCAS   PDF 3-2
  AfDB   PDF 3-3
  GRiSP by AfricaRice   PDF 3-12
Agenda 4: CARD, CAADP and Grow Africa
Grow Africa by NEPAD-AU
Country presentations        


  PDF 4-2
  CAADP   PDF 4-3
  CARD-mechanization   PDF 4-4
Ghana: CARD
  PDF 4-5
  CAADP   PDF 4-6
  Grow Africa   PDF 4-7
Tanzania: CARD   PDF 4-8
  CAADP   PDF 4-9
  Grow Africa     4-10
Agenda 5: TICAD 5 Side Event General information of the TICAD 5 by JICA
  PDF 5-1
  Overview of the side event / expected outcomes   PDF 5-2
Agenda 6: Fifth General Meeting (GM5)
Concept / Objectives / Agenda   PDF 6-1
  Discussion on monitoring   PDF 6-2
  Preparation by the SC members   PDF 6-3


  • Other Meeting Documents
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