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1. Background

Stable and timely supply of quality seeds is a key for increasing crop production and productivity, and it is, therefore, of paramount importance for CARD member countries to strengthen rice seed supply chain to achieve the overall goal of CARD initiative, doubling rice production by 2018.  In fact, seed is recognized as one of the most prioritized sub-sectors in all CARD member countries, in which investment plans for improvement of rice seed value chain are included in the concept notes developed to implement NRDS.  

In this background, the CARD Secretariat in September 2013, with approval of CARD Steering Committee organizations, launched this pilot initiative, with aiming of; i) Developing “Rice Seed Road Map” in which current seed supply chain is analyzed, issues and gaps are identified and strategies are presented on how to overcome constraints to improve production and timely distribution of quality rice seeds to farmers, ii) Developing Investment Plan / Concept Note for interventions based on the “Seed Road Map”, and iii) Strengthening capacity of relevant stakeholders along the seed value chain, in situation analysis, strategy development and planning, development of REALISTIC AND ROBUST proposal and fund matching. 

Having considered the progress made so far, 10th CARD Steering Committee meeting held in October 2014 approved the proposal from the Secretariat to scale-up this initiative to remaining CARD member countries. 


2. Participating CARD Member Countries


  Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda

2015.04 :Scaling-Up

  Benin, DRC, Ethiopia, Gambia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Togo, Zambia


3. Expected Outputs:

  • Development of country specific National Rice Seed Development Strategy "Rice Seed Road Map" at each of participating countries, which is embedded in NRDS and CAADP Investment Plan.
  • Development of Country Specific Investment Plans/ Project Concept Notes for intervention

4. Progress:

  • Guinea, Madagascar, Kenya and Ethiopia approved Rice Seed Road Map.
  • 21 countries finalized their Rice seed Road Map, being in process of Ministerial approval except for 4 countries above.
  • Concept Notes, concrete investment plans to implement Rice Seed Road Map, were developed in all CARD countries except for 4 countries (CAR, Liberia, Rwanda and Zambia) under second phase.

5. Activities

·         Kick-off Video Conference Meeting (Sep 2013 / Apr 2015)

·         Regional Workshop in Nairobi (Feb 2013)

·         Video Conference Seminar on “Quality Assurance in Rice Seed Production” (Apr 2013)

·        Working Weeks in participating countries (on going)