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CARD is a consultative group of bilateral donors and regional and international organizations working in collaboration with rice-producing African countries in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA). Its goal is to support the efforts of African countries to double rice production on the continent to 28 million tons per annum within 10 years (by 2018). CARD Phase2 just started in 2019, with a renewed target of further doubling of rice production in SSA, from 28 million to 56 million MT for the next 12 years (by 2030). In the phase 2, we have welcomed nine new member countries, namely Angola, Burundi, Chad, Congo Republic, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Malawi, Niger and Sudan, and a new partner, WFP.

CARD supports the member countries for preparing their National Rice Development Strategy (NRDS), through organizing a series of workshops called Working Week (WW), on average three times. In 2019, many member countries have worked on the revision process of their NRDS, as the second phase started. The CARD partners through their country offices are both financially and technically supporting the Working Week. 



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The table above shows how the NRDS revision process has been advancing in each country. Some countries whose current version of NRDS covers until further timing are mentioned with the ending years of the document in bracket.




Some documents related to the operation of CARD are listed herewith.

CARD initiative (May 2008) (English: PDF/239KB) (French: PDF/237KB)

CARD Phase 2 Brochure (August 2019) (English: PDF/857KB)(French: PDF/859KB)

CARD Brochure (April 2016) (English: PDF/1.7MB)(French: PDF/1.4MB)

Achievements for first 5 years (June 2013) (English: PDF/757KB) (French: PDF/759KB)

Best Practices and Scalability Assessments "Getting to Scale with Successful Experiences in Rice Sector Development in Africa" (English: PDF/ 4MB) (French: PDF/4MB )

CARD Phase 1 (2008-2018) Final Review Assessment, Final Report (March 2018) (English:PDF/8.7MB )

CARD Newsletter, April 2019 (English: PDF/908KB), June 2019 (French: PDF/937K)

Management and operational guideline of CARD (Revised in March 2019) (English:PDF/204KB)

Format of National Rice Development Strategy II (NRDS II) ( English: PDF/68KB) (French: PDF/34KB