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Research activities to assist rice production in Africa


1. Manual for Improving Rice Production in Africa, 2012

2. Manual of soil fertility improvement technologies in lowland rice ecologies of Ghana, 2014

Manual of soil fertility improvement

 3. Plants in Lowland Savanna of West Africa, updated in 2015 (Ghana)

4. Supplementary Irrigation Manual for Rice Production using Small Reservoirs, 2017

5. Impacts of climate change on rice production in Africa and causes of simulated yield changes, 2017

6. Mapping abiotic stresses for rice in Africa: Drought, cold, iron toxicity, salinity and sodicity, 2018

7. How Can West African Rice Compete in Urban Markets? A Demand Perspective for Policymakers, 2018


1. Manuel pour l'accroissement de la production rizicole en Afrique, 2012


2. Guide pour la Gestion et la Conservation des Ressources Naturelle, 2012 (Mali et Niger)


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