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FAO leads international efforts to defeat hunger. Serving both developed and developing countries. FAO acts as a neutral forum where all nations meet as equals to negotiate agreements and debate policy. FAO is also a source of knowledge and information. FAO helps developing countries and countries in transition, modernize and improve agriculture, forestry and fisheries practices and ensure good nutrition for all. Since FAO’s founding in 1945, It has focused special attention on developing rural areas and homes to 70 percent of the world's poor and hungry people.

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Code Title ...... Country
BJ-33 Programme d'Appui à la Croissance Economique Rurale (PACER/PADER)   Benin
BJ-38 Initiative d'urgence en vue d'accroitre la production de riz en Afrique sub saharienne (PSU)   Benin
CM-2 Appui à la multiplication et a la diffusion de semences améliorées et saines de riz   Cameroon
CM-22 Programme National de Securite Alimentaire (PNSA)   Cameroon
GH-2 Special Programme for Food Security in Ghana   Ghana
GN-3 Evaluation du potentiel de Bas Fonds en Guinée Forestière   Guinea
GN-4 Amélioration de la production de riz et de légumes en Guinée   Guinea
GN-5 Intensification, diversification et valorisation de la production agricole   Guinea
GN-6 Réalisation et mise en valeur d'aménagement hydro-agricole   Guinea
GN-7 Assistance agricole d’urgence pour l’amélioration de la sécurité alimentaire des populations rurales affectées par la hausse des prix des denrées alimentaires en Guinée   Guinea
GN-8 Fourniture d'intrants aux populations vulnérables dans le cadre de l'Initiative contre la flambée des prix des denrées alimentaires (ISFP)   Guinea
KE-11 FAO’s Initiative on Soaring Food Prices   Kenya
MG-7 Appui pour la redynamisation du sous-secteur semencier malgache en vue de la production et de l'utilisation de semences de qualité   Madagascar
MG-30 Project to alleviate the impact of the Global Food Crisis to the vulnerable household of the South East Region of Madagascar   Madagascar
MG-46 Fourniture d'intrants aux populations vulnérables dans le cadre de l'initiative aux flambées des prix des denrées alimentaires   Madagascar
MZ-24 Purchasing Power Support to Farmers through Inputs Vouchers   Mozambique
MZ-25 Increasing Agricultural Production, Enhancing Food Security and Improving Livelihoods to mitigate the impacts of hiked food price (t.b.c)   Mozambique
MALI-15 Programme d'appui au développement durable de Yélimane (PADDY)   Mali
NG-3 National Special Programme for Food Security (NSPFS)   Nigeria
NG-12 Rehabilitation of Small-scale Irrigation Schemes   Nigeria
RW-6 Integrated Pest Management- Farmer field School (IPM/FFS)   Rwanda
SN-10 TCP Appui a le relace de la riziculture   Senegal
SL-11 Seed Enterprise Enhancement and Development (SEED)   Sierra Leone
TZ7 Improving Rice Varieties through Mutation Breeding and Biotechnology in Zanzibar   Tanzania
UG-1 Dissemination of NERICA and Improved Rice Production Systems to Reduce Poverty and Food Deficit in Uganda   Uganda
UG-2 Project for Agriculture and Rural Development through Innovative Rice-based Farming Systems for Food Security and Poverty Reduction in Republic of Uganda   Uganda